Published on Author José Ramón Moreno


After a collaboration of Nicos Rangos with UPU Management, he has obtained the authorization to publish and link in  the illegal stamps issued in a number of countries members of the Universal Postal Union. This information is essential for experts, jurors and for many collectors in order to avoid buying and exhibiting such illegal stamps.During the first three months of the current year 2016 have been issued illegal stamps in Kiribati, Madagascar and Namibia.

During the year 2015, were issued illegal stamps in: Trinidad and Tobago, Cambodia, Mali, Namibia, Malawi, Viet Nam, Russian Federation, Vatican City and Lesotho, amongst others.To see the details of the illegal stamps issued in the last 14 years, you may enter in: (English Language) or (French Language).We are grateful to Nicos Rangos and to the UPU Management for offering this important service to all stamp collectors in world philately.

José Ramón Moreno
FEPA President