International Literature Exhibition in Moldova : “Literature for collectors”

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,,Literature for collectors”

    • Association of Philatelists from Republic of Moldova organizes the Exhibition ,,LITERATURE FOR COLLECTORS” during 03.09.2019-20.09.2019. It will take place in the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History from Chișinău and there are accepted works coming from all fields of collecting, like Philately, Cartophily, Numismatics, Medalistics, etc. One condition claimed by organizers, but not compulsory, is to present one illustrative billboard (15 A4 pages) that must reflect the subject treated in the presented work.
    • The Exhibition takes place according to the FIP regulations and to the present Regulations made by Committee of organization of the Exhibition.
    • The event includes exclusively literature works, published starting with year 2005.
    • As literature is an important source of information for collectors, the organizers consider the Exhibition will promote all fields of collecting and will encourage the deeper research of these branches.
    • The opening of Exhibition will take place on Tuesday, September 3, 2019, at 15.00 o’clock.


    • The writings presented at Exhibition should be works of literature for collectors, written on paper support or e-Book, and they should respect the following conditions: content originality, they should catch the interest of collectors, they present importance for thematic content of Exhibition. The jury will prefer and will appreciate the works presented together with one illustrative billboard (15 A4 pages).
    • Hors Concours Class includes works of the members of jury, or members of their families and of those who want to take part in this category. In case of justified situations, the jury can transfer some works submitted in Competition Class into Hors Concours Class.
    • The Competition Class includes works referring to the subjects listed in Exhibition themes. They can be divided in the following subclasses:
  2. Catalogs;
  3. Albums, studies, monographs;
  4. Popularization works;
  5. Memoirs;
  6. Periodicals (magazines and personal articles collections).


    • The participation in Concours Hors Category is made through one invitation, addressed by the Committee of Organization of Exhibition.
    • The registration in Competition Class is made completing an application form, addressed to the Committee of organization. It must be completed till 06.2019, and it can be sent in the electronic version.
    • The registration of work in competition is made by the author, the editor or by any person who owns the right of intellectual property for the respective work.
    • There is not a limited number of works that an exhibitor is allowed to participate with.
    • All works sent to organizers till 08.2019 will be presented to the jury.
    • There are admitted works of literature dedicated to collectors that were published not earlier than 2005. One copy of every exhibited work (written on paper support or e-Book) will be transmitted to the Committee of organization. They will complete the library of Association of philatelists, maximaphilists and cartophilists from the Republic of Moldova.
    • There are admitted periodical publications, presented as complete volumes or selected by years. Yet, it is obligatory to present the collection of the publication for the last entire year.
    • The personal collections of published articles have to contain 5 articles at least and their copies must be put together and presented as a collection.
    • The work exhibited on a billboard (15 A4 pages) will explain the subject of the book registered in the contest by different items from author’s collection.
    • The participation is free.


    • The jury of Exhibition consists of president, two members (with the right to vote) and secretary (without right to vote). In case of ballotage, the vote of the jury’s president is decisive. The decisions of the jury are definitive.
    • The jury evaluates the works according to the following grille:
  2. 50 points – the scientific value and the personal contribution in research are reflected in the work and the illustrative exhibit, registered in competition;
  3. 20 points – the author’s knowledge about the investigated field of collection is reflected in the work and the illustrative exhibit, registered in competition;
  4. 20 points – the degree of specialization and the originality of the work registered in competition;
  5. 10 points – the general graphic aspect of the work and of the illustrative exhibit, registered in competition.
    • Every exhibitor will get a copy of the jury score sheet containing the points obtained according to the grille and the eventual notifications of the jury.
    • The distinctions accorded to participants will be medals and diplomas that confirm the participation at the Exhibition.
    • The distinctions will be offered to participants, according to obtained scores:
  • Gold – 91-100 points;
  • Vermeil – 81-90 points;
  • Silver – 71-80 points;
  • Bronze – 61-70 points.
    • All exhibitors, members of the jury, members of the Committee of organization, the sponsors and other persons who assured the success of the activity will receive the Diploma and the realized materials.
    • Association of philatelists, maximaphilists and cartophilists from the Republic of Moldova and from the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History will offer also four special prizes:
  • The special prize for the best philately work;
  • The special prize for the best cartophily work;
  • The special prize for the best numismatics work;
  • The special prize for the best medalistics work.


    • The Committee of organization assumes the right to review some aspects stipulated in this Regulation, being obliged to inform, in time, all interested persons about the eventual changes of conditions.
    • The Committee of organization expects also to other proposals of special prizes and collaborations.
    • The correspondence referring to Exhibition and registration of participants to the National Symposium of cartophily will be sent to Association of philatelists, maximaphilists and cartophilists from the Republic of Moldova, on the next address: 206, ap. 79, Alba Iulia Street, Chișinău, Republic of Moldova, Constantin CIOBANU, Postal Code 2071.


For detailed information, contact Constantin CIOBANU – tel. 069368465, 060554127 or e-mail;