Julije Maras, elected new President of the Croatian Federation of Philatelists

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

The logo of the Croatian Federation of Philatelists and the new President, Julije Maras


We would like to inform that the Croatian Federation of Philatelists in its session on Saturday 14th of September 2019 elected a new leadership and changed address.

Executive Board:

Julije Maras, president

Stevo Kovačić, vice president

Matej Glavić, secretary general

Igor Černigoj, member

Marin Topalović, member


Supervisory Board:

Marino Banko, president

Dario Stella, member

Miroslav Prusac, member


New address is:

Croatian Federation of Philatelists

Tadije Smiciklasa 22

HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia


Best regards with special respect


Julije Maras

Our warmest congratulations with all best wishes for success