Published on Author José Ramón Moreno


16-18 OCTOBER 2015

Over 35 national and international jurors from 15 FEPA countries gathered in Budapest on 16 October for a three-day FEPA seminar on judging techniques organised by Mr. Denes CZIROK under the auspices of the Hungarian Philatelic Federation (MABEOSZ).




The focus was on ONE-FRAME exhibits in the traditional, thematic and postal history classes. In each area the discussion was introduced by a leading international judge –Wolf HESS RDP for traditional and thematic and Kurt KIMMEL RDP for postal history. Each gave a presentation exploring the issues raised in creating and judging One Frame exhibits in their class.




This was followed by practical judging work on 34 exhibits brought by the participants which ranged widely across many fields. The exhibits were analysed and evaluated by seven teams using the experimental One-Frame Guidelines published on the FIP homepage.

The seminar concluded with a visit to the Stamp Museum in Budapest, a wonderful facility that has been built up over 90 years which contains extensive collections of stamps from all countries around the world and has an especially important collection of Hungarian philatelic material.

Pictures from Rigoczki (the first), and Ferant (the others)