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During a perfectly organized Palmares ceremony, leaded by Reinaldo Macedo and Bernard Jimenez, were delivered the main prizes. The Grand Prix D’Honneur was for Luis Alemany from Spain for his “Spain Rates during Isabel II Reign”. The Grand Prix International was for Walter Britz for “Postal History of Uruguay 1779-1880”. The Grand Prix National for Pablo Reim for “Brazil Classics 1843-1861”. The Best Youth Prize was for José Carlos Rodríguez Piñero from Spain for “Postal Stationary of Mexico “Serie Mulitas”.

From Left to right: Tay Peng Hian, FIP President, presenting the Grand Prix D’ Honneur to the Spanish Commissioner, José Pedro Gómez-Aguero in absence of the winner  Luis Alemany (right) who was not able to be present.


From left Pablo Reim winner of the National Grand Prix, José Pedro Gómez-Aguero Spanish Commissioner who received the Grand Prix D’Honneur in the name of Luis Alemany, Walter Britz winner of the Grand Prix International and José Carlos Rodríguez Piñero, winner of the Prix for the Best Youth.


View of the Palmares dinner . From left: Ari Muhonen, Atle Fossmark, Fredik Ydell, Lars Engelbrecht, Frank Walton, Mike Roberts, Geoffrey Kellow and Lindsay Chitty.


Greetings for the Grand Prix D’Honneur. From left, José Ramón Moreno from Spain, Jury Vice-President, José Raul Lorenzo Juror from Cuba, José Pedro Gómez Aguero, Spanish Commissioner and Andrés Jorge Schlichter Juror from Argentina.


Bernard Jimenez and Reinaldo Macedo. Photo by Carlos Vergara


Transfer of the FIP Flag from FIAF to the FEPA member Israel. From left: Yigal Nathaniel, Tay Peng Hian, Luis Claudio Fritzen, Rubem Porto Jr. , Reinaldo Macedo and José Ramón Moreno