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M. Ziya Ağaoğulları (Vice Chairman) ,Mrs. Özay Atbaş (Chairman), M. Arman Arikan (member of the Organizing Committee), explained the exhibits to the authorities during the inauguration. Right, Mr. Alfred Kunz, FEPA Consultant.


Also many children visited the exhibition. Right, Mr. Koray Ozalp, General Commissioner. Right, Jury Team 2: Gary Brown, Arman Arikan, Claude Desarmenien and Koray Özalp.


Organized by the Federation of Turkish Philatelic Societies, in collaboration with the PTT (The General Directorate of Post and Telegraph Organization) the key persons for the excellent organization of Çanakkale 2015 were the Vice Chairman of the Executive Committeee, M. Ziya Ağaoğulları (TFDF President) ,  and the General Commissioner M. Koray Özalp, (TFDF Vice President) and their very efficient team. Congratulations!


Left, Mr. Ziya Ağaoğulları presenting the prize to Mr.Alexander Galinos. Center, the Çanakkale logo. Right: During the Palmares there was a Stamp Competition:  The 3 competitors were: Alfred Kunz, Gary Brown and Arman Arıkan. Arman Arıkan won the competition, by separating  4 block of 100 stamps and placing them in an album.


Çanakkale was a real great exhibition with 78 exhibits and 4 literatures:

Result: 8 Large Gold, 22 Gold, 24 Large Vermeil. 20 Vermeil.  4 Large Silver

The “Best of national award” went to:
–          TOKOGLU Necip : “1914 – 20 The London and Vienna Printings”

The “Best in show award” went to:
–          KHALASTCHY Alfred  : “British Occupation Series (1917 – 1923)”


Left, National Commissioners: Horst Horin (Austria), Darryl Fuller (Australia), Orlin Todorov (Bulgaria), Istvan Glatz (Hungary), Christine Earle (United Kingdom), Claude Desarmanien (France), Alexandre Galinos (Greece), Afzal Nanjee (Pakistan) and Koray Özalp (General Commissioner). Right, the Jury: Koray Özalp, Gary Brown, Mehmet Akan, Ziya Ağaoğulları, Alfred Kunz, Arman Arıkan, Claude Desarmanien and Bülent Papuççuoğlu (expert).


At the 18th of March, there were a huge celebration in Çanakkale and thousands of people from all over Turkey came. After the opening ceremony many hundreds interested visitors storm the exhibition and the post office sold stamps till 11:00 o’clock in the night. I’ll never had seen so many people at a stamp exhibition, and children as well.


Alfred Kunz, FEPA Consultant / José Ramón Moreno, FEPA President