Complete Palmares of ALPE-ADRIA 2014

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

There were two exhibitions:

In the Swiss National Exhibition, Rang II, participated 61 exhibits which received 28 Gold medals and 15 of Vermeil

In the Alpe Adria 2014 International Exhibition participated 74 exhibits received 24 Gold medals and 17 of Vermeil.

Formed the international Jury:

President: Kurt Kimmel
Vicepresident: Giovanni Balimann
Members: Giacomo Bottacchi, Hadmar Fresacher, Istvan Glatz, Damian Läge, Julije Maras, Kurt MärkiJörg Meier, Claude Montadon, Igor Pirc , Ubaldo Urietti, Martin Geser, Peter Suter.


From left to right: Ivan Libric, coordinator for the 2015 Alps-Adria exhibition, Mladen Vilfan, delegate of Croatia, Dr. Hadmar Fresacher from Austria as all time Secretary, Heimo Tschernatsch, delegate of Austria, Dr. Ludwig Gambert, new President of the Alps-Adria Philately Group from Germany, Igor Pirc, delegate from Slovenia, Jvo Bader, past A-A President from Switzeland, Thomas Bauer, observer from Germany, Dott. Sandro Agostosi, delegate from Italy, Denes Czirok, delegate from Hungary and Jörg Maier, delegate from Germany.


Palmares: Gianfranco Bellini, Roberto Leber, Helmuth Avi and Alvise Budel, exhibitors receiving their awards; Adriano Bergamini, General Commissioner of Alpe Adria 2014,  Jean-Marc Seydoux, President of the Swiss Federation making his speech, and Roland Ammann, exhibitor.


The Alpe Adria Group was formed in 1978 by the neighbouring regions of the Alps mountains and the Adriatic sea: The Friuli-Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region, the Province of Carinthia, the SR Croatia, the Province of Upper Austria, the SR Slovenia, the Province of Styria and the Veneto Region. They belong to the Philatelic Federations of Austria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland.

The extremely successful series of Alpe Adria will continue in 2015 in Pöllau, Austria.