Great promotion of Philately in Cairo at the “3rd Continental Exhibition” with FEPA Recognition

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

The exhibition was held at the El Hanager Center on the grounds of the magnificent Cairo Opera House.



On December 31 took place the opening ceremony in the presence of Mr. Essam El Saghir, Chairman of the Post Office of Egypt (Top right photo); the President of Egypt Philatelic Society, Dr.Sherif Samra (Top left photo), the members of the Organising Committee and hundreds of visitors.


From the 31st of December 2015 to the 6th of January 2016, Cairo hosted the “3rd Continental Exhibition” with FEPA Recognition on occassion of the 150 Anniversary of the first Egyptian stamp.  Were exhibited 223 frames of 11 classes and 71 exhibits from 8 countries: Egypt, Bahrain, Cyprus, Great Britain, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. The Commissioners were: Egypt: Khaled Mustafa, Bahrain: Ahmed Awad, Cyprus: Nicos Rangos, Great Britain: John Aitchitson, Oman: Hatem El-Attar, Saudia Arabia: Mr. Kamal Saftar and UAE: M.H.Hedoth.


Left photo. Many visitors, including women and youth attended the exhibition. Right photo, the Jury Team: Nicos Rangos, Sherif Samra, Mahmoud Ramadan (apprentice), Hany Salam and Sherif Kerdani (apprentice).


A parallel innovative exhibition with excellent and impressive designs by children 13-15 years old was celebrated at the same time and place having attracted also the curiosity of many visitors.

The National Grand Prix was awarded  to Samir Nabih Atyia for his exhibit “The Most Captivating Egyptian Date Stamps” while the International Grand Prix was awarded to Gregory Todd for his exhibit “1866 First Issue of Egypt”.