Italia 2018. Celebrating the end of the Great War: two international philatelic events in Verona, Italy, 23-25 November 2018. With the Patronage of FEPA

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno


On the occasion of 131st Veronafil 2018, the important autumn philatelic event where international collectors meet, the Federation of Italian Philatelic Societies organizes Italia 2018, a major international philatelic competitive exhibition, divided in two parts:

Italia 2018 Philatelic Literature, exhibition with international participation of philatelic literature, and digital.

Italia 2018 The Great War, exhibition with international participation of Postal history, Traditional philately, Postal stationery, Thematic philately and Maximaphily exhibits dedicated to the Great War (which ended exactly 100 years ago).

Philatelists from all over the world are invited to display their exhibits on the Great War (1914-18), its origins or its outcomes.

Italia 2018 has the patronage or the recognition of the:

FEPA, Federation of the European Philatelic Associations
AIJP, Association Internationale de Journalistes Philatéliques
AEP, Académie Européenne de Philatélie
USFI, Association of the Italian Philatelic Journalists


President of the Jury: Giancarlo Morolli RDP.


Italia 2018 is a set of exhibitions with a brand new organizational approach:

• registration, payment of the entry fee, as well as all preliminary steps, are performed online

• jurors will work online in order to have most tasks executed before the exhibition opens

• exhibits will be also displayed online and, with the owner’s approval, will remain on the site as further documentation of the exhibitor’s achievements

• organizers are experienced and internationally respected philatelists, who put their longstanding expertise at the service of philatelic innovation aiming at new approached of displaying philatelic exhibits.


All infos can be found on, on line from 1 February, 2018.