Jvo Bader, President of the Swiss Federation, resigns with immediate effect

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

10.06.2016 Due to serious health problems and imperative advice of his doctor, our central Jvo Bader President was forced to resign with immediate effect. For FSPhS and the Central Committee, the resignation comes unexpectedly and at a very inopportune time, just before the next regular meeting of delegates 2016 to be held in less than 6 months in Brig.

In less than two years as central President Jvo Bader managed to restore calm in the Central Committee. However, we have several unfinished business to be completed in our Federation and our Central Committee. This should be supported by his successor.

Until the election of a new Central President November 5, 2016 Brig is Hans Schwarz, member of the Central Committee, who gets the mandate. This because François Bernath, our central vice president, is seen unable to perform this task because of its considerable caseload. The other members of the Central Committee continue to operate in the ordinary course.

The JPS 7-8 / 2016 will provide more information about the new situation in the FSPhS.

Jvo Bader was elected to the Central Committee in 2004 during the Assembly of Delegates of Lucerne. He said the dicastery 4 “Administration FSPhS” created in this time under the new structure of the Federation. Pierre Godat under the Central Committee, he was elected Vice President Central. After the dissolution of the dicastery “FSPhS Administration” at the Assembly of Delegates of Zurzach in 2012, he resumed the dicastery exhibitions, he restructured with great commitment over the next two years. In particular, he made a complete upgrade of the database Phildaba exhibitions and exhibitors.

At the meeting delegates Payerne 2014, he won election as President Central vis-à-vis his running mate Florian Domenjoz. His commitment to our Federation and for stamp collecting was very big, perhaps too big. His health problems now forced to ease off. The Central Committee Jvo thank Bader for his tremendous commitment and extends its best wishes for the future.

For more information, please contact
Hans Schwarz, President ai central
Telephone +41 (0) 79 422 15 00; Email: info@schwarzpr.ch