La Philatélie Française

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

January-February issue of “La Philatélie Française”

This new issue of the magazine of the French Federation presents a big research on the Olympic Games of 1924, a deep study of the “Semeuse”, an important dossier on the Youth competition and information on the recent philatelic events.

Congratulations to those who have done possible this issue, and particulierement to the Director of the Publication, Claude Désarménien; to the Chief Editor, Jean-François Duranceau ; To those who form the Reading Committee, Yvette Cloix, Claude Désarménien, Martine Divay, Georges Guigues, Bernard Jimenez, Jacques Probst and to those who have participated in this successful issue: Pascal Bandry, Hervé Barbelin, Henri Barbero, Claude Desarménien, Martine Divay, Jean-François Duranceau, Jean-Claude Gontier, Dominique Hardy, Serge Kahn and Bertrand Sinais.