News from the Union of the Philatelists of Macedonia

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno




Presenting his new book, at the beginning of September, Mr. Klime Popovski said: This book is a small window through which you can see the entire large field of the philately.

More than 250 items are covering areas as the philately itself, its development and organization, as well as the development of the postal services as one of the basic communications means of the people.
A lot of the items are illustrated in colour by corresponding philatelic materials.Although the philately in our country has a long tradition, our Union was established 1950, original or translated literature missing up to now. With this book is made effort partially to fill up the emptiness.

The book, first of all is dedicated to the philatelists, but also should be useful for non philatelist peoples too.

Our congratulations to Mr, Klime Popovski, for his 80 th birthday and for his efforts to prepare this book.

Union of the Philatelists of Macedonia