NOTOS 2015. The Exhibition is growing: 36 countries will participate

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno
Newsletter no. 5
30 April 2015

The exhibition is growing: The initial target of 800 frames was easily surpassed, since our friends-exhibitors mainly from the countries of the European South applied for considerably more frames in their entry forms. The Organizing Committee decided to increase the total exhibition space to 3500 m2, so that, a total of 1200 frames will be finally accommodated, including the invited exhibits.

Philatelic Literature: Besides the exhibits mounted on the exhibition frames, more than 100 exhibits of Philatelic Literature will also be present in a specially provided area, in order to display the richness of philatelic research and the development of philatelic knowledge. The deadline for the entry forms was extended to 30 June, so that more Philatelic Literature exhibits will be given the opportunity to participate.

Participating countries: 20 out the 21 invited countries of the European South will take part, along with exhibitors from Austria, Canada, Chile, CzechRepublic, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Pakistan, People’s Republic ofChina, Poland, Republic of Korea, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States. The expected participation is 36 countries.

Classe des Champions: Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy nine outstanding exhibits which take part in the Classe des Champions, i.e. exhibits which in previous world or continental exhibitions have been honoured with the highest award, the Large Gold Medal. These exhibits come from France,Germany, Bulgaria, Portugal, United Kingdom and Greece.


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