Great success of the European Championship for Thematic Philately (ECTP), the thematic arm of the London 2015 EUROPHILEX

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno



Nr. Name Titel Sum Med
Class: Arts and Culture
1.5 Nuyts, Renaat The silver screen 91 G
1.4 Wheeler, Richard The Evolution of Puppetry 90 G
1.2 Ieco, Philippe L’impressionism, A major step in painting 88 GV
1.3 Sanchez, Marcel The cathedral, masterpiece of a city 84 V
1.6 Grande, Claudio The University of Pisa and ist History 83 V
1.7 Bulegato, Maurizio Gothic 83 V
1.1 Watson, Alan Heraldry: A Basic Course 80 V
Class: History and Organizations
2.1 Fisher, Lawrence The Jewish Homeland 92 G
2.6 Dehé, John A City Wall of Water 90 G
2.10 Groeneveld, Jeffrey The four Dutch Queens, their duty and servitude to the Netherlands 90 G
2.13 Piniella, Francisco The Conquest of Horizon 90 G
2.4 Radzuweit, Thomas Die Weimarer Republik 89 GV
2.7 Etherington, Jim 1940: A Desperate Year for Britain 89 GV
2.15 Doria, Carlo “The victory will be ours” 87 GV
2.3 Steinmann, Gottfried Der Warschauer Aufstand 1944 und seine Pfadfinder 86 GV
2.9 Webers, Hai Geteiltes Europa im zwanzigsten Jahrhundert 86 GV
2.11 Herràiz, Josè Antonio Monarchy, A Form of State 86 GV
2.2 Maitin, Dr. Balram U.N.R.R.A in War and Peace 82 V
2.5 Toussaint, Jo “Hier wollen wir stille stehen und das Brandenburger Tor und die darauf stehende Victoria betrachten (Heinrich Heine)” 82 V
2.14 Van Laere, Roger People of the Sun 78 GS
2.8 Rasmussen, Leif W. The evolving Society
Class: Man and Everyday Life
3.8 Heino, Raino Weather, from observations to forecasts 93 G
3.9 Albe, Felix Le Dimanche, Ordinaire ou Grand, Phenomene de Societe 91 G
3.10 Trawinski, Krzysztof In the Shadow of Trees 90 G
3.5 van Duin, Jan Cees Dutch Everyday Life 88 GV
3.12 Fuchs, Wilfried Der Fuchs und seine wechselvolle Beziehung zu den Menschen 88 GV
3.2 Müller, Wolfgang Geld hat eine Adresse – Sparkasse 87 GV
3.3 Menze, Xaver Das Fahnen und Flaggenwesen – eine Weltsprache 87 GV
3.13 Gronquist, Sofia Toys and Games 85 GV
3.6 Fencl, Petr Biography of the First Woman in Space 83 V
3.11 De Zanchi, Gabriella “Puer Natus Est Nobis” 80 V
3.4 Kennerknecht, Hanns Michael Feuerwehr “Ohne uns wird`s brenzlig” 77 GS
3.1 Markac, Marco From Grain to Bread 76 GS
3.7 Zimmermann, Paul Sparkassen, Banken und Börsen
3.14 Rasmussen, Leif W. Hunting and Fishing
Class: Sports and Leisure
4.2 Suhadolc, Peter The conquest of the unprofitable world 91 G
4.5 Huhnen, Ernst Running Jumping Throwing – 3000 Years of Athletics 90 G
4.13 Bruno, Massimiliano Footballers of the World play for a Cup 88 GV
4.12 Polo, Pasquale The Game of Rugby Town 87 GV
4.6 Overgaard, Knud Rask Chess – War on 64 Squares 85 GV
4.8 Lubianiker, Yoram Chess: The Game of War 85 GV
4.3 Fritz, Rüdiger Das olympische Comeback 84 V
4.7 Herrmann, Daniel L’Olympisme, La Bataille Perpètuelle des Rènovateurs 81 V
4.11 Viljanen, Olli The worlds meet 81 V
4.9 Banas, Artur The most popular winter sport – Alpine Skiing 76 GS
4.10 Cep, Igor The Olympic cycle 75 GS
4.1 Fock, Mihael I. The Grey Goose Wing 68 SB
4.4 Müller, Jörg Olympische Sommerspiele 1936
Class: Transport and Technology
5.4 Hayward, John The Iron Steed 90 G
5.7 Tschumi, Dr. Marcel Brücken. Wunder der Technik aus vier Perspektiven 89 GV
5.3 Helling, N.F. The motorcycle, nostalgia and use 88 GV
5.1 Sousa, Paulo Jorge A look into a sustainable future 87 GV
5.5 Barak, Izhak The Development of Aviation and Transportation of Mail by Air until 1914 87 GV
5.2 Limmen-Stegemeyer, E.M.A. Illuminated guards on the coast 86 GV
5.6 Bettarini, Paolo History of the civil aircraft until 1940 81 V
Class: Medicine and Science
6.5 Österdahl, Bengt-Göran The History of Chemistry 92 G
6.2 Veggeland, Turid Bitter Pills and strong Drops 91 G
6.1 Weir, Peter Liquid of Life – Blood from an ancient myth to a modern medicine 90 G
6.4 Schmidt, Eberhard Kometen – Asteroiden – Meteoroide, Wanderer in unserem Sonnensystem 88 GV
2.12 Miralles, Tereza Nurse to care, to teach and to confort 85 GV
6.3 Boros, Dr. Laszlo Wunderwelt der Strahlen 76 GS
Class: Animals and Plants
7.7 Läge, Damian Fascinated in Feathers – how birds inspire people 98 GG
7.2 Lee, Linda Flower Magic 90 G
7.4 Audejean, Alain Natural Silk 86 GV
7.1 Douwstra, Sijtze Millions of years of nature encapsulated in stone 81 V
7.3 Humfrey, Mark The Globalisation of Vanilla 76 GS
7.6 van Laere, Roger Atlantic Puffin: Clown of the Ocean 75 GS
7.5 Aulagnier, Stephane Bats…and humans
Class: Agriculture and Pets
8.4 Prange, Ryszard Vine and wine – the gifts of gods, sun and soil 92 G
8.6 Schwertz, Pierre Fascination de L’Abeille 90 G
8.1 Fuchs,  Wilfried Die Erfolgsgeschichte des Weins – von der Rebe zum Genuss 85 GV
8.2 Kälin, Sylvia Ich liebe Hühnervieh 85 GV
8.5 Forestier, Geraldine Relationship between bees and men 83 V
8.3 Cohen, Francoise Le fabuleux destin d’un joli poulain
Class: Champions Class
9.3 Marley, Lesley A Whale`s Tale 94 G
9.4 Guglielminetti, Paolo The unfinnished Network – History of the African Railways 93 G
9.2 Eckel, Torsten Albrecht Dürer – Unternehmer der Renaissance 90 G
9.1 Rasmussen, Leif W. Animals Subjected To Man