ECTP 2015 – Damian Läge, European Champion of Thematic Philately

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Damian Läge receiving the ECTP Grand Prix. From left, Joshua Magier, Estanislao Pan de Alfaro, Wolf Hess, José Ramón Moreno, Jari Majander, Alfred Schmidt, Damian Läge, Uwe Decker, President Bund Deutscher Philatelisten e. V. and Anton van Deutekom.


A new edition of the ECTP was held in Essen  from the 7th to the 9th of May. This year was special: was performed with the organizers of London 2015 EUROPHILEX as a joint exhibition. The best exhibits of each group were presented inLondon again.

As said Uwe Decker, President Bund Deutscher Philatelisten e. V., this international cooperation has a pioneering character in the exhibition system and shows what it is possible when one look out the box, creating new opportunities.

Congratulations to the Verband der Philatelisten in Northein-Westfalen e.V, and the Bund Deutscher Philatelisten e. V. And particularly to their Presidents, Uwe Decke and Werner Müller for the great success of the whole event.



The Exhibition and the “Esse Messe” celebrated at the same time, were attended by noumerous visitors. Left, the Jury at work.

The Jury was formed by:  José Ramón Moreno, Honorary President, Alfred Schmidt, President, Giancarlo Morolli, FEPA Consultant, Jonas Hällström, Jury Secretary, Joachim Maas, Christine Earle, Wolf Hess, Koenraad Bracke , Estanislao Pan de Alfaro, Anton van Deutekom, Jari Majander and Joshua Magier. According to their evaluation, the winners were:

  • class 1 (arts and culture) :The silver screen – Renaat Nuyts
  • class 2 (history and organisations): The Jewish homeland – Lawrence Fisher
  • class 3 (man and everyday life):: Weather, from observations to forecast – Raino Heino
  • class 4 (sport and leisure): The conquest of the unprofitable world – Peter Suhadolc
  • class 5 (transport and technology):: The Iron Steed – John Hayward
  • class 6 (medicine and science): The history of Chemistry – Bengt-Göran Österdahl
  • class 7 (animals and plants): Fascinated in Feathers – how birds inspire people – Damian Läge
  • class 8 (agriculture and pets):: Vine and wine – the gift of gods, sun and soil – Ryszard Prange
  • class 9 (champion class): A Whale’s Tale – Lesley Marley

Receiving the outstanding evaluation of 98 points, Damian Läge was declared the European Champion of Thematic Philately and Candidate to the Gran Prix of London 2015 EUROPHILEX.

(All details of the Palmares in )


Left, Uwe Decker, President Bund Deutscher Philatelisten e. V. receives the recognition for his work on the Developpment of Philately, from the FEPA President, José Ramón Moreno. Right, four of the FIP Thematic Commission’s Presidents, Damian Läge, Giancarlo Morolli, Jonas Hällstrom and Koenraad Bracke, with Luiz Paulo Rodriguez Cunha (in the middle), FIAF member of the Commission.


As usual in the ECTP, there were very interesting Seminars for Thematic Jurors. This edition was focused in the “Evaluation of Rarity, Importance and Condition”.  Lead by Damian Láge, also made successful presentations Peter Suhadolc, Yannick Delaey, Koenraad Bracke, Julio Maia, Jari Majander , Joshua Magier and Jonas Hällstöm.


Damian Läge during his presentation and view of the audience.