The FEPA Congress grants patronage and the 2015 congress to “NOTOS 2015” in Athens

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

Costas Chazapis presenting NOTOS 2015 at the FEPA Congress in Lugano.


At the FEPA Congress, the request of “NOTOS 2015” International Exhibition gets the FEPA Patronage and the Organization of the FEPA Congress 2015, by unanimity of all Delegates, after an excellent presentation by Mr. Costas Chazapis.

“Notos” is Greek for “South” and will participated 21 countries of the European South with Commissioners’ privileges and the rest of Europe and the World with exhibits related to the European South.

The Exhibition will be held in Athens from the 12th to the 15th of November 2015.


The Philosophy behind NOTOS 2015 is:

Main ingredients :

  • Exhibitors willing to exhibit
  • A strong team of qualified volunteers
  • A suitable exhibition hall

Principal targets:

  • High exhibition standards
  • Low exhibitor’s fees (20 Euros/ Frame)
  • Reasonable budget: Free-of-charge exhibition hall; No publications or printings except Certificates; Instead: updated website, on-line forms etc.; No exhibitors’ medals; Certificates, SP, GP etc. as per GREX, FREGEX: No remuneration to Jury and Commissioners; Travel and accommodation as per GREX, FREGEX; Lots of man-hours contribution


  • end of 3/2015 -> Receipt of entry forms
  • end of 4/2015 -> Notification to applicants
  • end of 5/2015 -> Confirmation by the participants. Payment of fees

The presentation given by Mr. Costas Chazapis can be downloaded here.

See you in Athens!