NEXOFIL Prizes to the Best Stamps of the World: Norway, winner, Ukraine 2nd, France 3rd

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

View of the Auditorium of the Spanish Royal Mint on occasion of the Gala of presentation of the NEXO prizes attended by over 300  people

On the 30th of October was held at the auditorium of the Spanish Royal Mint, FNMT, the Gala of the presentation of the prizes of the year, organized by the President of the NEXO Group, Mr. Eugenio de Quesada, with the presence of high State,  Post and Philatelic authorities. Also were awarded the stamps with the Best Design, Original Format, Most Innovative, Best Hand Engraved, Best Offset, Best Mixed Printing, Best Definitive Basic Series, Best Souvenir Sheet and Best Luxury Proof, being awarded stamps issued by the Posts of Belgium, Spain, Austria, Italy, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Germany, Liechtenstein, Iceland, New Zealand, Hungary and Czech Republic.

The International Jury was formed for Presidents of Philatelic Federations and Academies from 33 different countries as detailed at the list below.

Also below is the PDF File with direct links to high resolution images of all the awarded Stamps.


PDF File with all links to high resolution images of the Stamps:

2019- Winners NEXOFIL Awards