Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

NORDIA 2019  is in scheduled time for the exhibition at Sharpsburg, Norway, August 23. – 25. 2019. The application time limit has now been closed, and the organizing committee is working with the arrangement of the classes and frames. So far we are counting around 600 frames, including the invited class.

The jury is set, and we are proud to have one of the FEPA Board members among us. Birthe King has accepted to be in the jury, along with well known FIP/ FEPA accredited jurors, and Nordic jury members.

There will be several meetings containing lectures during the rather short period  for the exhibition, like The Norwegian Postal History Society, War-and Field Post Society, Ship mail Society. The Norwegian Federation of Philatelists will as well arrange the Congress (every second year) during the exhibition.

This means lots of activities during the show.

I do have to mention the invited class, representing something special. The idea is to show the public something connected to the Nordic countries, and thereof the exhibits are in «open class».

The list is as follows:

Chris King with his classic postal history of Lübeck, probably the best ever made regarding this area. As Lübeck was «The Classic Port to Scandinavia» it is representative for mail to and from the Nordic countries, and FIP-large gold medal tells quite a lot of the quality of this exhibit.

Birthe King will bring her open class  exhibit: «Conflict, Concience and Camps 1932-49» about the Danish conditions before-during-after WW II and the German occupation. The exhibit has received the honour of being printed in Vol. 46 Edition D’Or by Köhler. Come and have a look!

Iva Mouritsen is showing her beautiful «A Royal Menage á Trois» about the more or less insane King Fredrik VII / the Queen Caroline Mathilde, – and Struensee. This was a dramatic historical event during 1770-72 when Struensee was accused of High Treason and executed in 1772. IT was rewarded with a large gold medal at the FIP exhibition in Prague last year – only showing five frames!

Peter Hornung will show eight frames of Royal letters, – mail to and from Royal Families around Europe from historic time and onwards.

Gunnar Melbøewill show five frames of «Narvik at War» – also as open class. This is a fascinating story of foreign troops in Norway during the first part of WW II. This is also about the first German setback during WWII and political decisions inflicting the war.

At Saturday (most likely) there will be Powerpoint presentations of all the invited exhibits, telling about the idea behind, the story-lines, finding material, how to present the material – something for any philatelist!

We do hope for lots of visitors, as the admission is free. The exhibition will as well be a «compact» one. All the arrangements will be at the hotel used for this event.

Quality Hotel, Grålum, Sarpsborg has a favourable offer with full pension (breakfast/ lunch/ dinner) for only NOK 1650 pr. night, and is located on the west side of the E 6, just 33 km north of the Swedish/Norwegian border.

Welcome to you all, – and we are hoping for a nice show.

Ivar Sundsbø – Leader of the Philatelic Committee