“Palmarès Grands Prix de la Philatélie 2017” to the Best European Stamps

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

Bephila, the philatelic arm of Bpost, has published a press release with the results of the deliberation of the 20 jurors for the election of the: 1- Grand Prix Ambassador for the Best Stamps of Belgium ; 2- Grand Prix for the Best Engraved Stamps of the European Union ; 3- Grand Prix for the Best Stamps for Youth of the European Union

I) Grands Prix “AMBASSADEUR” (best Belgian stamps of 2017)

Final result :

1) Sheet  “The beauty of the train” (Kris Maes and Guillaume Broux)

2) “Eupen” sheet (Myriam Voz, Guillaume Broux and Wolfgang Mauer)

3) “The High Fens” sheet (Kris Maes, André Buzin and Marijke Meersman


II) Grand Prix for the best engraved stamps of the European Union of 2017

1) Spain: “Granada” (Sheet of two stamps, World Heritage)

2) Slovakia, “500th anniversary of the Reformation” (Martin Činovský)

3) France, “Great moments of French history” (Louis Boursier)


III) Grands Prix for the best stamps of the youth of the European Union of 2017

1) Belgium “Guust Flater”

2) the Netherlands, “Jan, Jans and the children”,

3) Italy, “Mickey Mouse”