Serbia’s first on-line exhibition will take place in December 2020

Published on Author Bill Hedley

The Organising Committee of SOFIZ 1, Serbia’s first-ever on-line exhibition, have sent us the following message:

It’s a great pleasure to announce that SOFIZ I, the first Serbian national online stamp exhibition with international participation will be held in the period
7th of December 2020. – 14th of December 2020.
on the official web site of Union of Philatelists of Serbia, .
Participation is invited from exhibitors in both Serbia and other countries. The exhibition will have 12 competitive classes with 1 frame, 5 frame and 8 frame exhibits invited.
Exhibits must relate to themes related to West Balkan philately except in the Thematic, Maximaphily and Youth classes.
They must also be in Serbian or another of the former Yugoslav languages, or in an official FIP language.
Applications must be registered by 15 October 2020
Click the links below for the application form and the IREX – in Serbian and in English.