FEPA Medals for 2019 are presented

Published on Author Bill Hedley

After a long delay due to COVID cancellations, two of the 2019 FEPA Medals have been presented to the recipients.

The winner of the FEPA Medal for Exceptional Service to organised philately is Chris King RDP, Hon FRPSL and the presentation was made by FEPA President Bill Hedley at the Annual General Meeting of the Royal Philatelic Society in London on 16 September 2020.

Chris King receives his FEPA Medal from Bill Hedley


The winner of the FEPA Medal for exceptional support to organised philately is Senator Carlo Giovanardi, Member of the Italian Parliament (1992-2018), past Minister and Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies. The presentation was made at a welcome dinner held in Trieste on 25 September 2020 for the XVIII Postal History Colloquium organised by the Istituto di studi storici postali “Aldo Cecchi” and the Associazione italiana di storia postale. The medal was presented by Bruno Crevato-Selvaggi, Vice President of the Italian Federation.

Sen. Giovanardi with Bruno Crevato-Selvaggi and his wife Luisa. 


The winner of the 2019 FEPA Medal for exceptional philatelic study and research is Prof. Dr Henrik Mouritsen.

We have not yet been able to present him with his FEPA Medal formally because of the cancellation of all major events, but we will do so at the earliest suitable opportunity.