Virtual events in USA and Germany win high marks from philatelists

Published on Author Bill Hedley

During the summer the American Philatelic Society (APS) staged a virtual Stamp Show with a full range of activities on offer on-line. Other organisations including the FIP, the Bund Deutscher Philatelisten e. V. and the Royal Philatelic Society London also organised programmes of on-line presentations.

The APS and the BDPh have published the results of surveys they conducted among visitors to their events, and both report remarkably high levels of satisfaction. In both surveys more than 80% of responders were satisfied or very satisfied with the on-line initiatives and almost everyone wanted them to be repeated. Given that these events were planned and delivered at very short notice, these ratings are a great compliment to the Organisers. They also suggest that collectors have adapted rapidly to the on-line environment and that there will be a continuing demand for this service.

Details of the APS survey can be seen at;

Click here to see the results of the BDPh survey: