Turkey, Spain and Finland, winners at the World Competition for the three Best Maximum Cards 2018 (FIP Commission for Maximaphily)

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno


Press Release from the FIP Commission for Maximaphily. August 219

“The Competition has been held from June ,2nd to June ,30th 2019. -The main goal of this Competition is to encourage the creators of Maximum Cards to aim for the creation of exceptional new realizations (always conforming with the rules) and reward the important Maximaphily knowledge and marcophily research work done, leading to high quality Maximum Card creations.

-30 countries took part in the competition. The results of the three ” Best Maximum Cards created in 2018″ were the following:


-Finland: 39

-France: 27

-UK: 27

-Israël: 3

-Italy : 9

-Aland: 0

-Brazil: 0

-Bulgaria: 0

-Canada: 21

-China: 9

-Chinese Tapei: 6

-Korea: 15

-Luxembourg: 3

-Malaysia: 24

-Monaco: 3

-Netherlands : 6

-Poland: 6

-Portugal: 12

-Romania: 3

-Russia: 6

-French Polynesia: 15

-Czech Republic : 15

-Slovenia: 0

-Greece: 0

-Mexico : 6

-St Pierre et Miquelon: 18

-Spain: 48

-Switzerland: 36

-Turkey: 54

-USA: 3

-1st place:TURKEY (54)

-2nd place: SPAIN (48)

-3rd place: FINLAND (39)


 Congratulations to all!

 We extend our cordial thanks to all our National Delegates for their support and their cooperation.

 Jenny BANFiELD, President FIP Commission

 Pascal BANDRY, Bureau member-FIP Commission”