Turkish Federation organises E-Philately Exhibition from 23 April. Entries are invited.

Published on Author Bill Hedley

We have just received this message from Murat Hazinedaroglu of the Turkish Federation.


April 23th 2020 is one of the most significant anniversaries of the Turkish Republic’s history as it is the Centenary of Inauguration of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. We planned to celebrate this centenary with two separate exhibitions in Ankara, one of which was to be international. Unfortunately, we have had to cancel them due to the coronavirus outbreak.

We are not able to organize exhibitions physically at present but we have social media and virtual environments. Within this scope, we have decided to organize an e-philately exhibition through Facebook.

Our April 23th 2020 Centenary of the Inauguration of the Turkish Grand National Assembly E- Philately Exhibition will be held between April 20 and May 4, 2020.

The rules and key aspects are as follows:

    1. This e-exhibition does not have an official characteristic.  It is held in order to have fun, make use of the time and increase the morale.
    2. The collections will be uploaded to the special site prepared for this exhibition on Facebook. There is no limit on exhibit types by class. All types of exhibit classes including the experimental ephemera class are welcome.
    1. The collections to be exhibited will have at least 1 frame and at most 5 frames. They should be sent to filateliakademisi@gmail.com in jpg format  (or PDF) by using the Wetransfer program and will be uploaded to the specific Facebook page by the organization committee. Each participant can submit his/her three collections to the address mentioned above by 20 April 2020.
    2. Exhibits will not formally be judged.  Judgment will be based on the appreciation votes of participants. Each participant will be allowed to vote for three exhibits he/she likes, other than his/her own.
    3. The votes will be kept confidential. Only the three highest-voted exhibits will be announced.
    4. All participants will receive a diploma and lemon cologne (80 degrees) will be awarded to the highest-voted exhibits.

We look forward to your participation in the electronic exhibition, which we have implemented for the first time and is mandated by the conditions of this constrained period.


We send our thanks to the Turkish Federation for taking this interesting initiative and wish them every success for their e-exhibition.