“World of Revenues” : The largest number of Revenue exhibits in one show

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

Essen International Stamp Fair usually includes only Thematic exhibits but the 29th Fair also included a “World of Revenues” Salon organised by FIP Revenues Commission Chairman Ralph Ebner and Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fiskalphilatelie e.v. I’m BDPh e.v.

It was a great show with 71 exhibits in 315 frames plus 2 Literature entries although 3 countries did not arrived. This must be the largest number of Revenue exhibits on show at one time with entries from China, USA, India, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Australia, New Zealand and many European countries with a wide range of countries and revenues – both stamps and revenue stamped paper from the Spanish Colonial 1600s to modern times. Entries were not judged on points but assessed by the general (philatelic) public at the exhibition on three criteria: Most Liked Exhibit, Best Historical Exhibit and on Innovation.

At the Palmares, Special Prizes were awarded to the top three entries for each criteria plus the Best Overall – this was the “Taxed from the Cradle to the Grave” exhibit of Jenny Banfield from New Zealand which showed the social effect of taxes on people. FIP President Bernard Beston donated and presented her with the Best Overall prize.

The purpose of this Revenue Salon was to show how interesting Revenue exhibits can be with a wide variety of subjects and their treatment. In this it was successful and congratulations must go to all the organizers.

Well done Ralph Ebner and his group for an innovative and informative show.

Jenny Banfield