Henrik Mouritsen

Henrik Mouritsen (Denmark) for “Danish Postal History 1875 – 1907”

Henrik Mouritsen’s research concerns the history of the Danish postal service from 1 January 1875 to the UPU’s Rome treaty of 1 October 1907. The entirely bilingual Danish/English publication includes all UPU regulations and rates in francs and centimes for all types of domestic and international mail during the first 32 years of UPU’s existence. A comprehensive treatment of all UPU regulations for all types of mail has never been published in the philatelic literature of any country before. All statements of fact in the book are linked to original contemporaneous sources. Furthermore, it contains a detailed rarity listing of Danish domestic rates and draws also on a detailed register of the Danish postal heritage sent to foreign destinations which has been compiled since 1990. The five volumes are supplemented by a sixth volume, available only in the premium edition, which includes 73 pages of advice on how to improve a philatelic exhibit in three different classes: traditional, postal history and postal stationery.