FEPA Medal for Exceptional Study and Research


2019Henrik Mouritsen for

Danish Postal History 1875 - 1907
2018Károly Szücs, Hungary for

Fiscal Philately of Hungary
2017Brian Trotter, United Kingdom for

Southern African Mails, Routes, Rates and Regulations 1806 - 1916
2016Ari Muhonen (chief researcher), Finland for

Finnish postage rates 1875 - 2001

The co-authors of this research: Harri Ala-Honkola, Hannu Kauppi, Juhani Kerppola, and Esko Seitsonen will receive a Certificate.
2015Michele Chauvet, France for

Les tarifs helléniques des lettres internationales 1861-1878
2014Frank Walton, United Kingdom for

The La Rue Collection, vol. 1 to 6
2013Stephano Calliga, Greece for

The Stamps of the Large Hermes Heads 1861-1886
2012Luis Virgilio De Brito Pereira Frasâo, Portugal for

Pre- Filatelia Portuguesa. Marcas postais utilizados em Portugal continental na época pré-adesiva (1799/1853)
2011Wolfgang Maassen, Germany for

From the First Albums and Catalogues to Publishing Houses of Global Standing
2010Patric Maselis (Editor and co-author), Belgium for

Catalogue of MonacoPhil 2009

The co-authors of this research: Messrs Stes, Delbeke, Schouberects, Tavano, Huys, Kaiser, Van Pamel and Slabbinck.
2009Nino Aquila and Francesco Orlando, Italy for

Sicilia – I timbri del Nuovo Re
(Sicily – the postmarks of the new King)
2008Mario Mentashi and Thomas Matha for

Letter Mail from and to the Old Italian States 1850-1870
2007Michele Chauvet and Jean Francois Bruun for

Introduction a l’histoire postale de 1848 a 1878

2006Bruno Crevato-Selvaggi, Italia for

Il Regno d’Italia
2005 Patric Maselis, Belgium for

From the Azores to New Zealand