Luis Virgillio De Brito Pereira Frazão

EPA Medal for exceptional philatelic study and research:
Luis Virgílio De Brito Pereira Frazão (Portugal)
, author of “Pre- Filatelia Portuguesa. Marcas postais utilizados em Portugal continental na época pré-adesiva (1799/1853) (Postage Stamps (Handstruck and Handwritten) used In Mainland Portugal in the Pre-stamp Period (1799-1853)), published in September 2012.

LUIS VIRGÍLIO DE BRITO PEREIRA FRAZÃO as a collector of Portugal and its Overseas territories has reached the FIP Championship Class. His research of forty years on the different aspects of Portuguese philately is documented through more than 150 articles and 7 books, and the next one, on the Portuguese Pre-Philately overseas, is currently under publication.