FEPA News No 12, December 2007


News from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Macedonia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey9
FEPA Inform: It need not be always the "Post Office" blue Mauritius; FEPA Members; exponet; Introduction to the regulations for the FEPA honours, medals and awards; II International exhibition of stamps of variable value; FEPA Candidates to FIP: Jussi Tuori, Dieter Hartig, Bernard Jimenez; To FIP Commissoins; 2007 FEPA Congress; Académie Européenne de Philatélie27
Exhibitions: Armenia 2007, WIPA08, Luxphila 2008, Antverpia 2010, Bulgaria 2009, Croatica 1907-2007 Zagreb jubilee philatelic exhibition with international participation, Praga 2008, Lubin 2007, Lipsia 2007, Hunfila 2007, Nordia 2008, Galitos from Aveiro commemorate its 50th Anniversary, Estremoz 2007, Portugal-2010, EFIRO 2008, St. Petersburg 2007, Tretje Okno 2007 Kranj, Balkanfila-2007, London 201045
Youth corner: Austria - International meeting of young philatelista Altach 2007 by Bojan Bracic; Philatelic school 2007 Trakoscan by Ivan Libric; 45th Polish youth philatelic competition; Juvex-0783
Literature corner92