FEPA News No 13, May 2008


FEPA Inform: FEPA Candidates to FIP Bernard Jimenez, Dieter Hartig, Jussi Tuori; FEPA Candidates to FIP Commissions; 70th FIP Congress in Bucharest 28th June 2008 - some comments on the candidatures and motions presented by Pedro Vaz Pereira; Minutes of the FEPA Board meeting Lisbon 23rd February 2008; FEPA Meeting in Bucharest agenda; FEPA Members; FEPA Awards 2007; Rsults of the 4th World best maximum card competition; Minutes of the 3rd meeting of the Balkanfila working group; St. Petersburd; The FEPA Juror system; Ivan Libric the new President of Alpen Adria Group7
News from Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine30
Exhibitions: Alpen-Adria 08, WIPA08, Bulgaria'2009, Prage 2008, Planète Timbre, Israel 2008, Nordia 2008, Portugal-2010, Viana-2008, EFIRO 200849
Article: A report from Sweden and our intensive work with "Exhibitor training" and "Exhibitor courses" by Jonas Hällström; The link between "treatment", "studies, research and knowledge" and the "overall presentation" of a postal history exhibit by Richard Bodin71
Youth corner; Progeto Filatelia e scuola75
Literature corner77