More FEPA Exhibitions in Spain: Granted the FEPA Recognition to “EXFILNA 2019”

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

From the 5th to the 10th of November 2019, will be held in Santander the 57th Edition of the National Spanish Philatelic Exhibition  “EXFILNA’2019” that will have International participation . Over its 750 frames will be displayed exhibits from all Classes, including the Picture Postcards. The FEPA Board unanimously agreed in granting the requested FEPA Recognition.


The space chosen for its celebration will be the Central Library of Cantabria, whose exhibition spaces will allow to gather in a single building each of the sections in which the EXFILNA is divided. The main part of the exhibition will be located in the space called “La Plaza” which, with its almost 700 m2 diaphanous, divides the Provincial Historical Archive and the Library. As a complement to “La Plaza” we will have the “Concepción Arenal” hall of approximately 300 m2.

The main sponsor is the Spanish Post (the State Company “Correos y Telégrafos SA”).


Consultant of the Exhibition: José Antonio Arruego:

The beautiful city of Santander will host for the first time the Spanish

National Philatelic Exhibition