International Seminars on Fakes and Forgeries from Nicos Rangos and Jovan Basho

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

Mr. Nicos Rangos during his very interesting Seminar

Coinciding with the Balkanfila 2016 exhibition in Tirana, Nicos Rangos and Jovan Basho presented very interesting Seminars on Fakes and Forgeries from two different approaches.
The Seminar of Mr. Nicos Rangos was  “How to protect our collections from fakes and forgeries”. The presentation of Dr. Basho was “Stamps of Autonom Republic of Korça, forgeries and errors in printing”. Both were followed with attention by a numerous audience who appreciated the clarity and practical use of the presentations helping to recognize fakes and forgeries amongst other important philatelic aspects.



A numerous and interested audience followed the Seminars


Audience at Dr. Basho lecture and group of participants after the Seminars