New Board of Directors of the Norwegian Philatelic Association. Tore Berg, re-elected unanimously as President.

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

On the Congress of the Norwegian Philatelic Association – Norsk Filatelistforbund, held on Saturday June 6th in Trondheim was elected the new Board. Tore Berg was re-elected unanimously as President.


 The new Board members. From left, Karl-Erik Olsen, Tore Berg (President), Arve Hoel, Frank Gilberg, Henning J. Mathiassen (Vice-president), Gunnar Sandbo, Atle Fossmark, Marit Elind and Ole Georg Nordli. The Board member Jon Klemetsen was not present.


The congress proceeded very smoothly. It is a long tradition among the Scandinavian countries to participate in their respective Congresses. Presidents from Denmark and Sweden was present and both participated in the discussions following after the Congress, for strategies the forthcoming years.