Not previously described area of the Nordic Postal History: Postal Boats Wrecks in Norway, by Egil H. Thomassen

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

Egil H. Thomassen


From the late 1600s and for more than two centuries, the mail was transported along our stormy coastline in small, open boats. Despite skilful seamanship, several shipwrecks happened in this period.

All along the coast from Rogaland to Finnmark is told the postal history, but few books have told about the loss of mail-boats nearby. This book tells the story of more than 80 accidents on the coast and crossing fjords. As an example it is narrated nine shipwrecks in the 1800s in Salten. At many of the shipwrecks are given the names of the victims and told about the conditions of their widows. A name index contains names of more than 90 men who died in the service of bringing the Post.

More books have told the Norwegian postal history, but the history of the open mail boats are not described previously. It has been an unknown chapter in our postal history. At 40 shipwrecks were water damaged mail completely or partially salvaged. The book shows a statement of the rock record and the current boat service with departure and shipwrecks place. For home collectors, this will be an important tool.

The book is illustrated with maps and images from most shipwreck sites.


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