The Use of Picture Postcards in Open Philately

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno
There has been some misunderstanding about the use of Picture Postcards in Open Philately, both among judges and often questions for clarification in seminars.
I thought it might be useful to ask the Bernard Jimenez, FIP Board member and Chairman of the Working Group who drew up the Open Philately Guidelines. He replied very clearly: “Picture postcards are non-philatelic material and count as such on Open philately.”
To summarise, an Open Philately exhibit must have at lest 50% philatelic material, which includes any item that is permitted in any other class or category, while the non-philatelic material may include up to 50%.
For further details, please see the FIP website with the brief, easily accessible 3-page guidelines.
Birthe King